DFINITY’s NFT Studio to spark evolution in NFT gaming

The DFINITY Foundation, a major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain, has announced the launch of one of its grant recipients – NFT Studio.

NFT Studio – a 3D and interactive NFT platform running on the Internet Computer protocol – has, therefore, opened new doors for creators who can now design, mint, and stake regular and interactive 3D NFTs that can be transferred, bought, and sold for the next to no transaction fees.

The breakthrough opens up new dimensions in the world of NFT art, as well as more commercial use cases in marketing or gaming.

NFT Studio currently comprises two tools – a 3D voxel engine and a pixel engine – to build 3D NFTs and mint them immediately.

The NFT Studio Voxel Tool is used by artists to create 3D voxel models. Once constructed, they can be used for multiple purposes, such as photos for social media and 3D models for video games.

DFINITY provides financial support for development

Lukas Merville, founder and team leader at NFT Studio, commented that creators who work with powerful tools like Blender and Cinema 4D often say they are limited because platforms like Ethereum or Solana cannot handle the size of the files they work with.

“3D NFTs sounded like fiction — well beyond the current state of blockchain technology,” he said.

“But we have made them possible on-chain thanks to the Internet Computer.

“DFINITY understood the significance of 3D NFTs straight away and provided financial support for the development of the NFT Studio minting engine through the Developer Grant Program.

“The Internet Computer is the only blockchain platform that enables smart contracts to serve user experience directly in the browser — a requirement for 3D NFTs. Other platforms haven’t reached this point, so currently, it’s the only platform that enables users to make interactive NFTs.”

Lomesh Dutta vice-president of growth at DFINITY stressed the technical challenge of 3D NFTs highlighted several of the issues facing today’s blockchains and the need for a new way of doing things that the company is pioneering with Internet Computer Protocol.

“ICP smart contracts on a public blockchain are a vastly superior new form of software that is taking us towards a ‘blockchain singularity’ in which the majority of the world’s systems and services will be rebuilt entirely from smart contracts,” he said.