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DGLegacy® Announced The Number One Global Digital Legacy Management Service

BERLIN, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The digital inheritance service DGLegacy® was named as the leading global digital legacy management service by the digital marketing agency Serpact.

DGLegacy Logo
DGLegacy Logo

DGLegacy® enables people in the USA, EU, and other countries across the globe to protect their digital, financial, and physical assets and ensure they'll be located and identified by their loved ones in the case of a fatal event happening to the owner.

The key differentiator of DGLegacy® is its ability to detect fatal events happening to its users. This is done through various technological innovations, such as monitoring public activity on selected social platforms and integration with biometric wearables.

The automatic detection of fatal events enables DGLegacy® to proactively inform family members about their designated assets should anything happen to the user. Beneficiaries are also provided with valuable information regarding how to identify, locate and access the assigned assets.

Family members are not burdened with having to remember or store access details. Users and their loved ones have peace of mind knowing they will be made aware of the assets, will be able to identify and locate them, and will receive support in the process of inheriting and claiming.

Key criteria during the assessment process conducted by Serpact was the organic online presence of the DGLegacy® brand for key areas such as digital inheritance services, digital legacy management providers and digital legacy and inheritance services.

To find out more about DGLegacy® and its digital inheritance service, please visit www.dglegacy.com.



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