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DHVANI Takes Lead On Sustainable Activewear And Reforestation Of Australia With New "Buy One, Plant One" & Terra Collection

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DHVANI, the Activ(ist)Wear brand, is thrilled to announce their sustainable Terra collection and a new partnership with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to directly impacting climate change via reforestation. 

DHVANI designs, manufactures, and sells athleisure apparel. The young startup company will be planting one tree for every item purchased from their website. This includes all in-stock items as well as pre-ordered items like their Terra collection, which is made of fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles.

"Every tree we plant removes about 48 pounds of carbon from our atmosphere per year. One acre of trees planted removes 2.5 tons," said Avi Brown, CEO and co-founder of DHVANI. "We want to empower our customers to be change-makers who make a direct and measurable impact in the fight against climate change. Buy One, Plant One and Terra will bring high-quality, fashionable Activ(ist)Wear to customers while driving the kind of change that young people like Greta Thunberg are rightly championing."

The trees will be planted in Australia, which is currently experiencing unfathomable destruction due to bushfires which have spread over 17.9 million acres. The area is home to koala, wombat, and kangaroo habitats which will need to be restored and rehabilitated when the fires stop. "This reforestation project is providing a social impact for local communities as well as creating an environmental impact for nature and wildlife. It's fantastic to have such a positive mission supported by DHVANI," said Matt Hill, Chief Environmental Evangelist of One Tree Planted. 

The partnership will begin January 14, 2020. It is one of many cause-oriented programs led by DHVANI's leadership team. Founded in 2018, DHVANI aims to promote causes and values that create positive change in the world. Their mission is to #StandForSomething and they encourage all to join in the movement, and to invite their friends to stand with them. 

"We believe individuals can change the world. We're committed to providing everyday opportunities that allow our community to not only support causes, but to become active participants," said company spokesperson Angela Williams

To stay up to date, visit DHVANI at dhvani.com or contact spokeswoman Kate Gardiner at Grey Horse: kate@greyhorse.cc.


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