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Diamond Resorts International(R) Timeshare - Suggests American History Holidays

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2016 / The history of colonial United States effectively begins in 1607, with the establishment of the Jamestown Settlement in the Colony of Virginia. So with roughly 400 years of history to explore - granted, only a brief moment by European and Asian standards, Diamond Resorts International®, a timeshare network of vacation ownership properties with over 370 destinations, has put together a brief list with a few of the richest historical cities in the United States.

The area that is now Baltimore was occupied by humans more or less continuously since around 10,000 B.C., but the first European settlement began in 1659, making it one of the oldest places in the United States (the first Jamestown Colony was founded in 1607). It played a vital part in the American Revolution, beginning when the Second Continental Congress temporarily fled from Philadelphia and held sessions in Baltimore between December 1776 and February 1777. Baltimore's Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is where defense was mounted during the War of 1812, which inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the lyrics to our national anthem. It is also home to the very first Washington Monument, built in 1815. The city is rich with political, cultural and literary history - Diamond Resorts International® timeshare experts recommend a drink at The Horse You Rode in On, the United States' oldest saloon, established in 1775, and known as the last place where famed native son Edgar Allan Poe was last seen alive in 1849.


New Orleans is one of the most amazing places in the United States, with a colonial history that includes France and Spain, then of course its inclusion in what many have called the greatest land deal in history, President Thomas Jefferson's 1803 Louisiana Purchase. The city has always been a place where change is embraced as slowly as the muddy Mississippi River meanders. There are a record-topping 17 historic districts recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. The well-known, unique French Quarter architecture is practically unchanged after more than 200 years, with much of its beauty hidden in walled gardens and through quiet alleys. Other areas with their own distinct personality and history include the Faubourg Marigny, the third area to develop in the city in 1805 as a plantation subdivision. Its Frenchmen Street is world-famous now as the location of dozens of music venues, where people dance in the streets until sunrise. The Garden District was the first neighborhood created after the Louisiana Purchase, laid out in 1832. It is the location of rich, stately, antebellum mansions and pristine gardens, created by wealthy Americans who were not interested in mingling with the Europeans who still lived in the French Quarter. Diamond Resorts International® professionals recommend a ride along the famous St. Charles Avenue streetcar which runs through the heart of the Garden District for an excellent, relaxed view of the area.

On the West Coast, San Francisco remains one of the most beautiful and historically-significant cities, with a long and storied history. Visitors can move through layers of archaeology with every step along its infamously steep streets. The Presidio military outpost on the tip of the San Francisco peninsula was established by Spain in 1776 to gain its foothold on the West Coast. The Presidio provided protection to the Mission San Francisco de Asís, founded at the same time, which remains San Francisco's oldest intact building, an amazing feat considering the 1906 earthquake destroyed over 80% of the what was built prior, mostly by fires that raged in the aftermath. The city was the entryway for countless thousands of prospectors seeking their fortune during the California Gold Rush of 1848, which created gigantic growth for the area, prompting a quick establishment of a state constitution, governorship, and legislature by 1849. And by 1850, California officially became the 31st state.

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