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Did British Golfer Ian Poulter Just Send the Most Tone-Deaf Tweet of All Time?

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

British golfer Ian Poulter, currently in the midst of a family crisis. (Getty Images) 

Twitter has become the go-to shouting ground to complain about treatment at the hands of airlines.

If your flight gets canceled, or delayed, or its customer service is rude, you’re almost certainly headed to Twitter to tweet out a complaint and gain a sympathetic ear. 

Some tweets earn the outright indignation of the entire Twittersphere, banding us all together against the faceless corporate menace that is the airline industry, inspiring us to tweet profanity-laced tirades at the airline’s Twitter handle on behalf of the offended party.

Other tweets, like this one from professional golfer Ian Poulter, meanwhile …

Ian Poulter tweet complaining that his nanny's seat ticket was downgraded

I’ll let the @replies to the tweet do the talking: 

Reply tweet
Reply tweet
Reply tweet
Reply tweet

In a series of follow-up tweets, Poulter — whose profile picture is his sports car collection — defended himself from criticism.

“It looks like I’m being a stuck up nob,” he tweeted. “But what is wrong with getting what you have paid for. I ordered a steak. Sorry you can have tomato.”

#PrayForPoulter, everyone. His wife has a long flight ahead of her, and their children’s nanny is in economy class. I mean, with that kind of distance (12 feet) between them, it’s almost like the Poulters are a family traveling on an airplane without the assistance of a full-time helper. Don’t these airlines care about people at all?

#HasPoultersNannyLandedYet? We’ll keep you updated on this horrible miscarriage of justice as it develops. 

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