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When Did You Start Listening To Carl Icahn?

Brian Bolan

By now, most investors know who Carl Icahn is.

Yep, he is the guy that has made a killing on Netflix (NFLX) when he bought it in the 50's and then sold after the most recent earnings announcement for approximately $350.  7x your money is the mark of a pro.

Of course there is also the epic clash of the titans that we also know as Herbalife (HLF).  Icahn owns 16% of the company that was sacked by Pershing Square's Bill Ackman.  Ackman claimed the stock would go to zero and Carl, well he bought 16% of  it and has ridden the stock from the high 30's to the 60+ range it’s in today.

Finally, there is Apple (AAPL) and after an investment and a few tweets, he seriously moved the market capitalization of this stock as well.  All good moves for him, and the investors that followed.

Carl recently stated that he sees a downturn in the market and that quote was enough to send the market lower yesterday and could be a contributing factor in an extension of that move today.  

My question is, when and why did you start listening to Carl Icahn for broad market direction calls instead of stock specific calls where he wanted more board seats?  I mean I get it when you are going after DELL or OSK or even RIG --- but just because he crushed it on NFLX and HLF, does that make him a broader market maven?

Let me know why you would sell the market if Carl told you to in the comments below.

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