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Flappy Bird Lives! Developer Says Game Will Return, but 'Not Soon'

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By Cherlynn Low, LAPTOP Magazine

Those who have been itching to fill the void left behind by impossibly frustrating game Flappy Bird may soon have reason to rejoice. Maker Dong Nguyen plans to bring back the app, but does not say when. In response to a tweet asking if he is going to put the game back in the App Store, Nguyen said, “Yes. But not soon.”

For the uninitiated, Flappy Bird has gamers navigate a tiny bird through a series of gaps in pipes by tapping and holding the screen to control how high it flies.Sounds simple, but the game was notoriously difficult to play.

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Despite, or perhaps because of its difficulty level, the app was a massive hit. Flappy Bird was available on Android and iOS and saw more than 50 million downloads, making Nguyen an estimated $50,000 a day, according to Rolling Stone. However, Nguyen took the game down in February, citing ruined lives (including his).

No reason has been given for Nguyen’s recent change of heart, but we can imagine that considerable source of income could be a tempting factor. Nguyen appears to also be working on another vertical flying game called Kitty Jetpack, according to Gawker, but has not announced an anticipated launch date.

In the meantime, those looking for other means of self-torture can look to other ridiculously challenging games,such as Spelunky.

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