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Digital Dada Introduces the Dada Card, a Digital Business Card That Takes Networking and Marketing to a Whole New Level

·3 min read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2020 / Entrepreneurs and businesses know that networking is vital when it comes to success in the industry. In the modern age, networking has become incredibly fast-paced and convenient, with the usage of social media becoming rampant. Physical business cards are becoming obsolete, as they don't provide the same edge as their digital counterparts. Which is why Dwayne Lewis and Jocelyn Gore have designed an intuitive digital business card that acts like a simple personal portfolio page that gives their customers the competitive edge that they need. The digital business card is none other than the Dada Card.

The Dada Card gives businesses and people a way to be recognized within the digital space. It aims to translate its customers' strong online presence and convert that presence into sales. Without a doubt, millions of consumers are using the internet as a platform to search for necessities and things that generally interest them. The Dada Card simply uses the digital space as an advantage to reach out to even more people in order to grow a business, make a sale, and gain some exposure for an individual or a business.

Simply put, the Dada Card is a mini-website that Lewis' company Digital Dada will host for its customers. It features a user-friendly editor that enables its users to create their digital cards and upload them in a matter of mere minutes. Customers may also choose from a variety of available themes to choose from, making customization a breeze. There are also color schemes and other customization features that they can use to match their brand.

The Dada Card is compatible with most modern devices such as desktops, tablets, or even smartphones. The responsiveness of the Dada Card is one of its best features, allowing users to switch between devices. They can also host their own domain, allowing the use of their names or their business. Once registered, the customer can opt for specific clients to have access to the customers' social media accounts and contact details, providing a seamless and better way of transacting. The customer can also attach links to their portfolios to redirect clients to their previously published works or projects.

The Dada card uses state-of-the-art digital technology and is never behind the curve. It boasts on-page SEO features to ensure a strong Google presence for its customers' individual profile or business. Its ease-of-use is unparalleled as it can be easily sent through SMS, Whatsapp, or through the web. A contact form is also present on every Dada Card, ensuring that there will be no missed opportunities to connect. When clients fill out the form on the card, a message will be sent directly to the Dada Card holder through email so they can interact with each other from there.

Digital Dada is extremely dedicated to making a good first impression with the Dada Card, making relevant information accessible and virus-free. Another great thing about Dada Cards is that they can never be lost, unlike their physical counterparts. It also has a feature to link to Cash App or Zelle to receive payments directly from clients through the card itself.

Digital Dada has offered a 14-day free trial for individuals who want to check out its features. Lewis and his team are motivated by their clients' satisfaction, and that is why they guarantee the best quality of service available. It's finally time to do away with the outdated physical business cards and start exploring the digital age with Digital Dada and their revolutionary Dada Card.

Be in the know, find out more about Digital Dada and the Dada Card by visiting their website.

Email: info@dada-card.com

SOURCE: Authority Titans

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