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How Dillon Kivo Built a Multi 6-Figure Online Business in Less Than 6 Months

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2019 / The internet and modern technology allow so many entrepreneurs in the world to come up with great ideas which make them a lot of money. The days of driving to a commercial office to work a job or manage a business are over. Now people can manage their businesses and communicate with business partners remotely from any location in the world. This opens huge opportunities that did not exist 20 years ago.

As the founder of MentionWorth, LLC a marketing agency, Dillon Kivo works more than 80 hours per week and still has time to travel to different countries and see the world. This is something that the generation before him could never do. The internet is the reason he can do this today. It has allowed him to build a business and get on the top page of Google, making his firm's website accessible to millions of people. From there, he built a high-profile list of clients who depend on his company for all their marketing, social media and PR needs. MentionWorth is a results-driven online marketing firm that empowers brands by distributing their stories across major publications to reach the masses.

Only five months after Kivo started his company MentionWorth, it hit the six-figure mark. Other business owners ask him all the time how he was able to do this, especially since they've had their own businesses for years and haven't been able to hit the "mark." Kivo tells says," it takes a good team that is committed to hard work that can implement an effective strategy in order to be successful. And, of course, getting placed in the mainstream media, utilizing social media properly and being listed on the first page of Google helps too." Kivo has been able to use his digital magazine Kivo Daily which receives about 100k unique monthly visits to drive traffic to MentionWorth. Kivo Daily has an audience of mainly business owners between the ages of 18-34, which has been responsible for about 20 percent of MentionWorth's clientele.

Below are the three steps Kivo used to hit the six-figure mark in under 6 months.

Step # 1

The first thing Kivo had his team do was create blog content for This was all part of his search engine optimization strategy to naturally build his website's rank on Google and receive organic traffic. Then they branched out and posted content on mainstream publications, for example, Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur Magazine. This helped Kivo catch the eyes of entrepreneurs who needed Kivo's services thus lent Kivo the credibility since he was able to tie his companies name to high profile magazines. They gathered an entire guest posting network to help spread the message about his firm. This also created more backlinks to his website as well which increases SEO quality. There are many free tools on the internet like WordPress which make it easy to create blog content.

Step # 2

They did some blog research in his niche and saw which content creators were attracting the most traffic. This is called the skyscraper blogging model. It is where you find content on the "roof of the skyscraper" and then try to make your way up to the roof by producing similar content for your blog. The only difference is that your content will be better than theirs, causing you to replace them on the skyscraper. In other words, you will be defeating your competition by getting ideas from their successful content and then creating a better version of it for your company. Just remember, it is ok to get "ideas" but do NOT copy them.

Step # 3

The hardest part is over by this point. After you've successfully created high-quality and in-demand content for your niche, the final step is to network to other blogs in your field. Establish connections between your website's blog and other blogs within the same niche. Instead of focusing on content creation, you are now just a middleman who others depend on for information and recommendations. Once your website becomes the go-to for information as long as your website shows the services that you provide it is a no brainer that you will receive lots of business from the free traffic that you are now getting from being on the first page of Google. This is how his firm took off the ground. Perhaps your business can take off the same way too.


Have questions? Connect with Kivo on Instagram @Dillonkivo, Facebook or email

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