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1. Your phone is filled with crud.

You never know what you’ll find when you pop the cover of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but you know it won’t be pretty.  The repair shops we contacted report a wide range of effluvia inside, including metal shavings, construction dust, tobacco leaves, and “what can only be described as green slime,” says Oz Rahman, VP of quality assurance at Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Fixing phones is clearly not a job for the faint of stomach.

“The most horrifically common and disgusting thing our repair team deals with are finger oils and food caking in around the home button,” says AJ Forsythe, CEO of iCracked, an onsite repair and buyback service. “It is absolutely the grossest thing to clean as these things do not tend to fall out — ever — thanks to Apple’s very secure design.” 

(Justin Balog/Flickr)

Dirty Secrets: 12 Strange and Disturbing Phone Facts

Dan Tynan
Yahoo Tech

Your smartphone. You touch it all the time, and keep it close when you’re not holding it. It’s probably your constant companion and, when you factor in the cost of wireless plans, the most expensive piece of electronics you own.

It is also a teeming pit of filth and despair.

We surveyed the leading repair shops and refurbishers of iPhones and Android handsets to find out what happens to phones out there in the real world (your pocket or purse), how frequently they break, and how to fix them.

What we learned was revolting. Trust us, you will never look at your phone the same way again.