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Disaster Recovery Provider, Comport, Shares 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Cloud Backup Provider

RAMSEY, N.J., Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to share their data management expertise with the business community, disaster recovery provider, Comport, shares 5 questions to ask when choosing a cloud backup provider.

In recent years, the cloud has become an increasingly attractive option for companies looking for secure, scalable, and easily-accessible data storage. There are a variety of companies that all offer their own take on cloud storage solutions, but not every service is created equal.

Discussed below are 5 questions every business should be asking when evaluating their options for a cloud backup provider.

What Extent Of Data Protection Is Available? While it's important that files be easy to access, data protection is a real consideration that businesses should be discussing with potential cloud service providers. Different services offer different levels of protection, and it's important that companies arrive at a solution that will suit their needs.

Not every business needs cutting edge security for their files, but for those in industries where privacy and protection are paramount, it's crucial to ensure that those parameters are met.

How Frequently Is Data Backed Up? Different companies will have different allowances for data loss. Some companies could easily recover from a week of data loss, while some businesses could be paralyzed by even a day of lost information. Cloud backup providers vary in the frequency that they backup data, so it's important to discuss the needs of the company to ensure files critical for operation are always available in the event of a disaster.

What Is Their Disaster Recovery Procedure? The cloud offers unparalleled convenience and gives the company easy access to their files during day-to-day operations. Where these backup services really excel, however, is in their ability to get a company back on its feet following a disaster.

Since this is such an integral part of the service, companies should be well aware of the steps that would be taken following a data emergency to restore business as usual.

Is Mobile Integration Available? Part of the convenience of cloud storage is the ability to access the data anytime, anywhere. Employees won't always have their computers with them while on the go, so mobile integration is a major consideration to keep in mind to ensure there are a variety of ways to access important files.

What Level Of Scalability Is Offered? A major advantage that cloud storage has over traditional on-site servers is their ability to scale dynamically to suit the needs of the business. However, a mid-size business dealing with an average amounts of data will never need the same scalability that a multinational corporation would.

Having an idea of how the company's storage demands will fluctuate can help them secure a service that provides adequate scalability while avoiding paying for capacity that they'll never realistically need.


An award-winning trusted IT partner in business since 1982, Comport helps our customers achieve efficiencies needed to succeed in today's digital world. Our customers include leading enterprises in Hospitals and Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Law Firms and Universities. Comport has established our cloud brand, ComportSecure to help customers deal with new and emerging trends. ComportSecure Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, specializes in Cloud and Managed Services, Advanced IT Datacenters, Mobility Security and Networking.

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