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Disney CEO Bob Iger Hints At 'Star Wars' Theme Parks

Kirsten Acuna
disney star wars theme park

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Bob Iger and George Lucas at the opening of Star Tours ride in 2011.

"Star Wars" theme parks may be the next adventure for Disney.

During yesterday's earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted at the possibility of a theme park while  discussing further opportunities for its "Star Wars" acquisition.

"In addition to the Star Wars feature films that we’ve already talked about, we’re also working on opportunities for television and  our parks.  It’s still very early in the process. We’ll announce details as these developments evolve."

Rumors have been swirling about a possible "Star Wars" land since Disney acquired the rights to Lucasfilm last year for $4 billion.  

Earlier this year, the rumors seemed more than just that as images of surveys in Disneyland California asking visitors if they'd be interested in a "Star Wars"-themed park  popped up online.

Gawker's Ken Layne tweeted the following in March: 

Yeah, we're going to get a Star Wars Land. The 11-year-old part of me is very pleased with this development. twitter.com/KenLayne/statu…

— Ken Layne (@KenLayne) March 20, 2013

Since Iger mentioned opportunities through parks, it sounds likely the focus could also be on "Star Wars"-themed rides. 

Disney already has annual  "Star Wars" weekends  in place at its parks.

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