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Disney is considered ‘top pick,’ Switch drops,Walmart tries to lure Amazon customers, Qualcomm offers EU concessions

Here’s a look at some of the stocks the Yahoo Finance team will be tracking for you today.

Disney (DIS) is trading higher on a bullish call by RBC. The firm named the entertainment giant its Top Pick. The analyst says Disney is undervalued due to its media sectors like ESPN. RBC predicts that if ESPN continues to be valued at its current rate, there could be an option for a future sale.

Switch (SWCH) is tanking in early trading. That’s after investors sent the stock soaring over 20% in its first day of trading Friday. It opened higher than expected at $17 a share. Filings show the company has been profitable in every quarter but one, when it paid to unbundle from Nevada’s power grid.

Walmart’s (WMT) shares are moving higher after the retailer announced it’s updating its app to make it easier to return or exchange items. Walmart claims it’ll soon take customers just 35 seconds or less to make an exchange. Some investors believe saving customers time will definitely help steal traffic from Amazon.com.

Qualcomm (QCOM) shares are under pressure this morning. The Apple and Android chipmaker has indicated it’s offering concessions in an attempt to relieve EU antitrust concerns over its $38 billion bid for NXP Semiconductors. Regulators fear the buy could lead to pushing out rivals, raising prices, and changing NXP’s intellectual property licensing model. Morgan Stanley analysts expect Qualcomm to increase its bid on the news.