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Disney+ Launches Next Week But There Are Still 3 Huge Problems

Ryan Britt

Disney+ launches on November 12th. That’s about four days. If you’re anything like most parents, you’re looking forward to having the entire Disney vault at your fingertips, and you’re more than a little curious about these original shows, and weird Star Wars stuff.

But, there are a few nitty-gritty things that you might be wondering about ahead of the launch. And guess what, there are three very common and normal questions that there are no answers to, yet. Here are the three Disney+ blindspots to be aware of right now.

No Downloadable App, Yet

If you sign-up for Disney+ right now, all you get is a pat on the back and an email that tells you you’ve signed up. There’s no link to download the app in the iTunes store or to figure out how to get it on your Roku. Disney+ will support a ton of devices, from Roku to Amazon Fire, but so far, there’s no actual app you can even “pre-order.” This is kind of frustrating, and a little strange.

Exact Airtimes for New Shows Have Not Been Revealed

Want to watch The Mandalorian the second it starts airing? Yeah, I hear you, but the thing is, Disney has not made it clear when new episodes of these original shows will drop. We know several shows and one original movie (the Live-Action Lady and the Tramp) are coming to Disney+ on launch day, but what time of day? When CBS All-Access launched Star Trek: Discovery as a streaming-only TV show in 2017, they made it very clear what time of night it would online to stream; way in advance. When CBS dropped the new Twilight Zone earlier this year, they just had those episodes online during the day. With Disney+ shows like The Mandalorian or Encore! we don’t actually know. We’re all assuming The Mandalorian will drop in the evening because it seems like a prime-time TV show, but we don’t actually know. If this was two months before launch, that would be fine. But this is four days away! If Disney+ shows were being scheduled in TV Guide, there would be a big blank spot where the airtime was supposed to be.

Hulu and ESPN Bundle is Total Unclear

You may have heard about a super-great bundle deal Disney+ is offering where you get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN for about the same price as Netflix. Here’s the thing though: You can’t pre-order that bundle at all right now. And if call Hulu, they have no freaking clue when it will happen. Hulu also doesn’t know how you combine your accounts if you already have Hulu or ESPN or whatever. Presumably, you’ll be able to just upgrade your Disney+ account after launch, but right now, the very best Disney+ deal is not something you can even pay for prior to launch.

Obviously, in like two weeks, most of this stuff will probably shake out. But if you’re curious about signing-up for Disney+ right now, be aware, there are no actual answers to these questions yet! And as cool as Disney+ seems, the lack of clarity on this stuff is super annoying. Families like to plan well in advance, so instead of creating weird 3-hour-long trailers, maybe Disney+ should have focused on being super-clear with logistics.

Disney+ launches next Tuesday, November 12. Here’s everything you need to know about signing-up. 

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