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Disney shines, Yelp drops, Monster battles Coca-Cola

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team is watching for you today.

Disney had a monster quarter. The entertainment giant saw profit rise 33% last quarter and blew past earnings expectations. Disney saw major success from movies like “Black Panther,” and attendance at its theme parks. It also revealed its new streaming service will be called Disney+.

The same story can’t be said at Yelp. Shares there are under pressure after the company slashed its forecast thanks to slower-than-expected growth. It’s also getting hit by sliding local ad revenue. The CFO says it’s going to focus on new ways to reach local advertisers, since fewer small businesses are returning their calls.

Coca-Cola is getting into the energy drink business, but partner Monster is crying foul. The details of Coke’s plans emerged as part of an arbitration dispute with Monster. It says Coke can’t make its own energy drinks under their partnership deal, but Coke says the deal had an exception for energy drinks marketed under the Coca-Cola name.

Crocs is stepping it up and exceeding investors’ expectations. The stock skyrocketing, up 27% at one point, after clog sales helped boost the company’s profit last quarter. Part of that is driven by teens falling in love with the shoes. Piper Jaffray says Crocs are actually the 13th favorite brand among that generation.

Facebook insists its newest device won’t listen in on your calls, but it may track your data. Facebook exec Andrew Bosworth tells our sister site, Tech Crunch, the “Portal” device has many layers of security and privacy baked in. Video calls are encrypted and the device can’t identify who you are. However, if you use any other Facebook apps on the Portal it may collect information to target ads.