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Distacart Announces Its 1st Anniversary Discount Sale Aug. 15-18 2019

Distacart, the leading e-commerce store for Indian products, announces its first anniversary. After its stupendous growth in the first year of delighting customers all over the USA and Canada, it is in a celebratory mood and welcomes its customers for the commemoration by offering a special discount sale to celebrate its first year anniversary, which it calls the 'Freedom day' Sale

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Distacart is an online Indian shopping e-commerce store that supplies a variety of items such as Indian herbal products, kitchen items, food items, Indian spices, Indian jewelry, Ayurvedic products, games and toys, Indian sweets and snacks, clothes, Pooja plates, among many other items. Thousands of Indians, Canadians, and Americans use Distacart to order Indian products from their favorite local sellers in India. After the remarkable response received while serving customers in the USA and Canada, the company says that hitting six-figure sales numbers by their first anniversary is a great achievement, and it has been incredible to watch how positively this has impacted its customers, as well as its brand partners.

To celebrate, Distacart launches its first-anniversary sale discount by category.

1. Food – 15%

Distacart is happy to announce that customers will now get 15% off on all food items. The company partners with top Indian brands, such as Vellanki foods and Mithaiwala sweets, among others, to offer the best Indian delicacies available. Indian foods are not only delicious but are also good for one's health. Moreover, their salted snacks are very good for people avoiding sugary desserts and other sweet dishes. People who love Indian sweets, snacks and pickles and can save up to 15% and still get them delivered fresh and fine right at their doorstep. It's a double win.

2. Health – 10%

Indian Herbal Ayurvedic is immensely popular throughout the world. The company launches a 10% discount on Indian health products that will be purchased during this anniversary period. The health items comprise of popular Indian brands like Patanjali, Himalaya, Dabur, Baidyanath, Zandu, Kotakkal, etc. A lot of people love these products because they offer many natural and holistic health benefits. Most herbal Indian medicine is made out of plants such as Neem, Arjuna and Tulsi. These natural plant-based products do not have harsh chemicals and do not cause adverse effects to the body

3. Grocery – 5%

The company is happy to announce that they are offering a 5% discount on all groceries. Customers can now buy their favorite beverages, Patanjali masala powders, Patanjali honey, rice, fenugreek, and mustard oil, among many other items, and save up to 5%. The company has dedicated a team of professionals driven to bring customers the best Indian items and products right to their doorstep.

4. Rangoli and Return Gifts - 30%

Customers now have a chance to save up to 30% on Rangoli and return gifts. Distacart makes their anniversary celebration more interesting by giving their customers a chance to gift their loved ones lovely, memorable and beautiful Rangoli and return gifts as a token of their love and still save up to 30%.

5. Kitchen items – 10%

A good meal requires proper preparation. With good and appropriate kitchen items, people can never go wrong. During this anniversary period, Distacart is giving people a chance to transform their kitchen experience. The company has launched a 10% anniversary discount on all their kitchen items. This offer covers cooking utensils, cutlery and kitchen appliances, such as pressure cookers, tongs, tin openers among others.

6. Spirituality – 10%

India is rich in culture. Its religion and religious activities are fundamental to the Indian people and make up an important part of their culture. As Distacart celebrates, it has chosen to take part in this continued tradition by offering 10% on unique Pooja plates which will make Pooja beautiful and grand.

7. Books – 50%

Here's some good news for readers. Get a 50% discount on Indian books from Distacart. The company gives people a chance to enjoy beautiful stories and still save up to 50% this anniversary. This is definitely a win-win, and who doesn't like a double win?

8. Kids items and games – 25%

In this celebratory mood, Distacart has chosen to celebrate with our families. The company is offering a 50% discount on Indian games and 25% discount on kids toys. Indian games are thrilling and very interesting, especially to the children. It teaches them about the rich Indian culture and history. Distacart sells military toys, Tanjore dolls, and Indian wooden game structures, among many others.

9. Decor – 15%

Distacart welcomes Home Decor enthusiasts to celebrate with them by offering a 15% discount on home decor. People can now transform their homes with a traditional Indian touch and save up to 15%. People can light up their shelves and rooms with bright and colorful decor designs and adorn their walls with beautiful Indian pieces.

10. Other deals

On top of the many product discounts, Distacart offers a 20% discount on men and women's wear during this anniversary period. The company also announces free shipping to customers who order above USD $25 in the USA and above CAD $35 in Canada. Orders between $10 and $25, shipping charges will be $6.95. For orders below $10, the shipping charge is $9.97.


Distacart is now one year old and has grown immensely during this time. It has gained popularity, delighted its customers and is gradually expanding its business and brand partners. The company states that it is excited to explore future business opportunities and partnerships. They also appreciate their wonderful and loyal customers who have trusted them enough to accept their services. For this very reason, Distacart has launched a discount sale on a variety of their products, starting with home decor, clothes, Indian foods, games among many other items. It has also created business opportunities to suppliers of different brands who are also welcomed to provide their authentic Indian goods at lucrative prices. Don't miss out on this mega sale.

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Kiran Kotla 
Phone: +18552534782 
Email: kiran AT (@) distacart.com

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Distacart 1st anniversary special offers.

Distacart 1st anniversary special offers.

Distacart 1st anniversary special offers

Distacart 1st anniversary special offers

Distacart 1st anniversary special offers
Distacart 1st anniversary special offers

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