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Ditch Multiple Accessories for CASE X, the MacBook Pro Case with Up to 4TB of Storage and an Embedded Docking Station

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Never worry about having enough storage and ports again with CASE X, a luxurious MacBook Pro case that allows people to use their laptop how they want and need

MIDDLETOWN, Del., May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Launching today, CASE X by Byrdbyte Creations offers a new MacBook Pro case packing up to 4TB of storage, a multiport hub and the ability to run programs smoothly from the external drive without overheating.

External storage for laptops and computers is a necessity. It can free up space on hard drives, backs up important files and stories and runs large applications. But external storage devices can be expensive, ranging from $100 to $200 on average.

CASE X offers up to 4TB of external storage and eliminates the possibility of overheating. Customers can choose between a zero storage model or a model with up to 4TB of SuperSpeed+ external storage, allowing large amounts of data to be backed up quickly. It's USB-IF certified and features an integrated heat dissipation mechanism to prevent damage to the drive itself. CASE X encapsulates the external storage inside the case, eliminating the risk of damage to the drive due to accidental drops.

Co-creator Emil Kort first found himself struggling with enough storage and RAM while studying engineering in college. Like many students, he needed to run Windows applications on his MacBook and programmed a hard drive, velcroed it to the back of the laptop and ran his software through that drive. He created a fast external drive that can run Windows and other large applications while utilizing 100% of their MacBook Pro RAM. That idea would become CASE X.

"CASE X allows people to use their computer how they want without paying a ton of money to make it perfect," said Emil Kort. "There's a big gap in the technology Apple offers. With CASE X, people can protect their laptop and their data while having more ports than they do on their MacBook Pro right now."

MacBook Pros come with two or three Thunderbolt ports, limiting what can be plugged in at any given time. CASE X's multiport hub ensures peak productivity with an HDMI port, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port and SD and microSD card readers.

The co-creators took luxury, functionality and environmental concerns into account when designing CASE X. The exterior shell is made of recycled materials, including metal through non-emission methods. The interior is made from recycled plastic while a premium suede backing offers both luxury and protection from scratches.

"Nature and the environment are important to both of us. I'm an environmental engineer myself," said Kort. "We wanted to set ourselves apart in the tech industry and create a product that's recyclable and ethically made. We chose clean metals and made sure the companies manufacturing CASE X do not have toxic or chemical waste."

CASE X is MacBook Pro Intel and M1 compatible, is available in a variety of different colors and comes with either zero storage or 4TB SuperSpeed+ external storage. CASE X starts at $99 and is available for pre-order at pr.go2.fund/casex.

About ByrdByte
ByrdByte reinterprets technology as art. Emil and Kareem Kort founded the Deleware-based company with the goal of making technology functional and ethical. CASE X is ByrdByte's first product. For more information, visit https://byrdbyte.com/.

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