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DiversyFund's CEO On Investing In Real Estate Downturn: 'These Are The Periods When You Buy Low, Sell High'

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The U.S. real estate market has realized a significant shock from the coronavirus pandemic, with millions requesting forbearance, home sales decreasing and foreclosure risks rising.

Unlike the financial crisis of the late 2000s, today’s standards on documentation, underwriting, lending and leverage are higher, helping protect the sector from deeper hardship and potentially offering investors an opportunity to take advantage of buying opportunities.

In light of the market volatility, DiversyFund CEO Craig Cecilio spoke with Benzinga about the importance of data- and technology-driven investing in the private real estate markets.

Equal Opportunity For All Investors

Started in August 2016 by Cecilio and Alan Lewis, DiversyFund allows everyday Americans access to multimillion-dollar investment opportunities directly from an online platform.

In the past, access to private markets was limited due to complexities surrounding regulation and financial wherewithal. DiversyFund said it simplifies the alternative investing process by holistically managing real estate opportunities and distributing profits to the investor.

Through an experienced and technology-driven approach, DiversyFund aims to unlock non-traditional wealth-building opportunities for the masses.

Cecilio On Downturn Opportunity

“The largest transference of wealth happens during down cycles,” Cecilio said.

Since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, the CEO said DiversyFund has further honed in on its financial awareness and literacy initiatives.

“We’re a tech-enabled platform that not only provides financial literacy and awareness to the everyday investor, but we also allow them the opportunity to invest like the wealthy.”

With as little as $500, everyday Americans can get access to the same discounted assets large institutions are waiting on the sidelines to buy, he said.

The firm’s Learning Center and Founders’ Forum are among the tools offered to help investors get started on the platform.

“These are the periods where you buy low, sell high, and where you should participate,” Cecilio said.

DiversyFund CEO Says Assets Available At Discount

Since receiving SEC qualifications to lower minimum investment requirements, DiversyFund platform usage has grown exponentially, the CEO said.

“I don’t look at a customer as someone who’s actually invested money. It’s someone who is part of our community.”

The time to engage with alternative investments is when businesses that failed to evolve and modernize are forced to discount assets, Cecilio said.

“People will be in a situation where they have to unload assets at discounts. This is where people build wealth. So now, we have a perfect tool for people to participate in that and not be left behind.”

Leadership From Within

DiversyFund’s success as a business speaks to its leadership capabilities.

“We’re in the cloud,” said Cecilio. “We’ve modernized and digitized.”

Before the coronavirus hit, Cecilio’s determination to maintain investor confidence via technology-based work strategies helped the firm remain operational through the crisis, he told Benzinga.

DiversyFund considering the enaction of permanent remote work policies, using physical office space for employee, client and industry leadership events.

“It’s about modernizing our product and how we run our day-to-day business. We want to be a leader in making the workplace a little bit different.”

To learn more about investing in your financial future with DiversyFund, please visit DiversyFund.com.

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