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Divorced Man Selling Half of His Gadgets on eBay

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

This is what we call a rough split.

One love-lost German has allegedly decided to hand his ex-wife her half of their belongings in a peculiar way: By actually sawing them in half and handing his ex-wife her half of their belongings.

What is he doing with his halves? He’s selling them on eBay, of course.

Listed to ebay.de are one-half of an iPhone, one-half of a MacBook Pro, one-half of an HD TV, and more. He’s even posted an auction for one part of a sawed-in-two car.

We’re obviously not so quick to believe everything we’re seeing here. We’re passing all this on as a questionable, though still hilarious, report.

You can watch the video that’s embedded in the auctions below, which seems to show some of the listed items being cut in half.

Via: Reddit

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