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The DNC is spending $22 million on YouTube ads for the general election — but it's still far less than Trump

Kathryn Krawczyk

The Democratic National Committee is gearing up for the general election, no matter who its nominee may be.

The DNC announced Monday it was reserving $22 million worth of YouTube ads across 14 states it deemed critical for defeating President Trump. The buy comes even as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) continues to challenge former Vice President Joe Biden for the nomination, though it's far less than what Trump has spent so far on his re-election, The New York Times reports.

The ads will start Sept. 1 in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and on Oct. 1 in 10 more swingable states. They'll specifically be targeted at Democratic ZIP codes within those states and will push voters to show up on Election Day. The $22 million is the most any Democratic organization has spent on the 2020 general election so far; Democratic super PAC Priorities USA recently announced $17 million in online ad spending across Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Still, both those totals don't even come close to how much Trump is spending online already, seeing as he devoted $24 million to Facebook ads in March alone.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently redirected $18 million from his failed presidential campaign to the DNC, skipping out on paying his campaign employees through November like he'd previously promised. The DNC said none of Bloomberg's money had been used on the ads.

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