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DNVR[8] Announces 4 New CBD Products

·3 min read

100% Vegan & Melatonin-Free, DNVR[8] prides Itself on Complete Brand Transparency.

DENVER, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DNVR8 is proud to announce four new CBD products to its lineup. In addition to being 100% vegan, and melatonin-free, their new product offerings bring the increased bioavailability of nano-emulsified CBD to the table for their consumers.

"The majority of existing CBD products utilize a raw distillate or isolate as an ingredient foundation. While this method is effective for some, others may find their products "to not be working" or "have a short-term effect" and a lot of that has to do with the failed CBD absorption and bioavailability into the body's endocannabinoid system," says DNVR8 founder Robert Jennison.

"We use a water soluble (nano) CBD foundation approach to our entire product line that breaks down the CBD molecule (<100 nanometers) to be small enough to freely pass through our bodies natural barriers increasing rapid absorption & enhanced bioavailability to our enzyme and cannabinoid receptors. Blend that with rich all-natural vitamins and nutrients we aim to help consumers relieve their discomfort and achieve enlightened health."

500mg Rise Vegan Broad Spectrum CBD:CBG Gummies with Vitamin B-12: Containing a proprietary blend of nano CBD:CBG in combination with Vitamin B-12, these gummies work to naturally improve mental clarity and focus while soothing chronic pain and discomfort. AM Rise provides consumers with immediate, full dosage absorption along with an uplifting mood boost from dusk till dawn because of their nano-enhanced stability.

500mg Rest Vegan Broad Spectrum CBD:CBN Melatonin-Free Gummies with Vitamin B-12, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, & Magnesium Glycinate: Unlike other CBD products on the market, these PM Rest gummies are 100% melatonin-free. The majority of CBD products marketed for natural rest and relaxation include 1-3 mg. of melatonin per serving to compensate for a lack of natural CBD bioavailability.

However, if melatonin is taken regularly from an outside source, debilitating rebound insomnia can potentially occur. Instead of using artificial melatonin as an unhealthy shortcut, their gummies promote natural sleep using a proprietary blend of CBD:CBN, Vitamin B-12, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, and Magnesium Glycinate.

L-Theanine, an amino compound found within green tea, encourages natural bodily relaxation. 5-HTP and Magnesium Glycinate work together to gently increase the natural production of serotonin, which can have a beneficial impact on consumers' sleep quality.

Finally, DNVR8's proprietary nano CBD:CBN blend works in harmony with the addition of Vitamin B-12 to naturally increase individuals' melatonin production while inducing restful and restorative sleep that leaves consumers refreshed the next morning.

750mg Anytime Vegan CBD Oil Tincture with MCT Oil, Natural Peppermint Flavor, Sunflower Lecithin, & Stevia: "Anytime" CBD tinctures utilize a proprietary blend of broad spectrum nano CBD and organically sourced MCT Oil to promote enhanced recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, relief from body aches, and improved mental clarity.

DNVR8 utilizes Sunflower Lecithin as an emulsifier to vastly improve the bioavailability of their broad spectrum CBD:MCT oil blend. Moreover, their tinctures include natural peppermint flavoring and stevia to create a delicious final product.

300mg Therapeutic Cayenne & Peppermint-Infused Vegan Body Rub with Vitamin E, Eucalyptus Oil, Cocoa Butter & Avocado Oil: DNVR8's "Therapeutic" CBD Lotion contains their proprietary blend of nano CBD, Cayenne & Peppermint to promote relief from joint and muscle pain. Their CBD rub is fully and immediately absorbed through the skin to target exercise-induced inflammation, sharp pains, and itchy sensations.

A combination of peppermint and cayenne provides heating, cooling, and comfort in tandem with the moisturizing power of Vitamin E, avocado/eucalyptus oil, and cocoa butter.

All of DNVR8's products are 3rd party full-panel tested, 30-day money back guarantee, a scannable QR code, and are produced with 100% organically sourced cannabinoids that remain in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Jeanne Mennett, PR Director
DNVR8 | The CBD Store
+1 (720) 821.7818


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