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Dockless Scooter Company Sun Scooter Set To Roll Into Santa Ana

SANTA ANA, Calif., March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun, a dockless scooter company from Los Angeles, is preparing their launch of 100 electric scooters in Santa Ana.  

Sun will deploy 100 electric scooters in Santa Ana and seeks to solidify partnerships with local companies and city officials.

Sun will enter the Santa Ana market with hopes to create lasting partnerships with local companies and city officials within Orange County, all while providing the city with the best option for micro-mobility.

The pilot program offered for electric scooters in the city will be the first of many for Orange County. Sun is also in talks with various cities in the OC, and hopes to bring this last mile solution to their area as well.

Sun hopes to alleviate the possibility of scooter clutter by working with Santa Ana and other cities in Orange County to also coordinate a "semi-dockless" system where it makes sense, utilizing their Sun e-scooter racks in high density areas. This will be a viable option mainly for high traffic areas, and keep pathways and sidewalks organized.

Sun is also working with select non-profit organizations in the community such as NOVA Academy, to give back to the residents of Santa Ana. Currently they are setting up a scooter safety function, as well as providing scooters for after school students to return home, or scoot to work. Sun's scooters will provide transportation to a student who would otherwise not have reliable transportation available to them.   

You can find more information about Sun by visiting their website, www.sunscooter.co or by downloading the Sun Scooter App.


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