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DoctorSpring Answers Any Patient's Medical Concerns in a Fast, Affordable and Reliable Way

WALNUT, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Jan 7, 2013) - Gone are the days of having to wait hours in a waiting room for a medical consultation. With DoctorSpring, a paid online Question and Answer doctor service, patients are able to get reliable and professional answers to their medical questions in less than 24 hours.

DoctorSpring has a network of more than 900 world-class and board certified doctors from all over the world. The service is available to patients worldwide, every hour of every day. Because DoctorSpring is so readily available, it makes healthcare delivery much easier.

Dr. Matthew Reynolds, spokesperson of DoctorSpring, explains that, "Technology can bridge the wide chasm between doctors and patients. DoctorSpring is our humble attempt to make healthcare delivery less complicated and to change how patients seek medical information and advice forever."

Commonly, patients ask a question to DoctorSpring about their medical conditions, to get diagnostic help, or to get a second opinion on treatment options or on alternative therapies. Each response from DoctorSpring is personalized and detailed, helping patients to better understand all the options available to them, and to better understand their own health.

DoctorSpring offers three services: patients can pay to ask a doctor, ask a specialist, or ask a medical panel questions. When patients ask a doctor a question, they will pay $9 to get a response from a qualified General Practitioner or Family Doctor, usually in less than 12 hours. Patients receive two follow-up questions. This service is recommended for simple medical concerns.

When patients visit http://www.doctorspring.com to ask a specialist a question, they will pay $25 to get an answer from a Medical Doctor with a specialty. Specialties are listed on DoctorSpring alphabetically, and range from allergies to urology. Patients receive three follow-up questions, and will get their response is less than 24 hours.

Patients also have the option of asking a question to a medical panel. This service costs $180, and is recommended for patients who have complex medical conditions or who are making life-changing options regarding treatment. Four specialists will be on the case, and unlimited follow-up questions can be asked.

Patients interested in DoctorSpring only have to choose one of the three services, include a brief medical history, and wait for a professional, expert reply.

Established in August 2011, DoctorSpring is a paid, online Question and Answer platform specifically designed to answer questions regarding patients'' medical conditions and concerns. DoctorSpring has revolutionized medical consultations, and has greatly improved patients'' experiences. Personalized, detailed, and professional responses to medical queries are guaranteed in less than 24 hours. Getting medical advice should never be complicated or confusing. For more information, follow DoctorSpring on Facebook or Twitter, or visit www.doctorspring.com.