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Does Vanna White Watch Other Game Shows Besides ‘Wheel of Fortune’?

Victoria Leigh Miller

Solve this puzzle: What is Vanna White’s favorite game show? The famed hostess is clearly loyal to Wheel of Fortune (she’s been the show’s resident letter-turner since 1982), but it turns out she loves to watch other game shows too. In fact, White tells Yahoo Superfan she has a soft spot for the Alex Trebek-hosted Jeopardy.

“I get very frustrated with it, though, because I can’t answer all of the questions,” White admits.

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White also reveals she has been approached to host other game shows over the years, but after 34 years on Wheel of Fortune she would feel as though she was cheating if she moved on to another show — even as a contestant.

“I’m happy with my position,” White says. “I’ll be the first to make fun of what I do. I literally touch letters for a living, but I absolutely love it.”

Take a look at the video to find out what Vanna White and Alex Trebek talk about when they get together. (Hint: It has nothing to do with game-show questions.)

And White did a Facebook Live where she talked about her new app, Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Pop.