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Dog the Bounty Hunter Was Hospitalized Following an Unknown Health Issue

Megan Stein
Photo credit: Bennett Raglin

From Prevention

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter was hospitalized but is "resting comfortably."
  • His health scare comes almost three months since the death of his wife, Beth Chapman.

Duane "Dog" Chapman, 66, is recovering after he was hospitalized for an unconfirmed health issue.

It’s unclear exactly what happened to the Dog’s Most Wanted star, but a representative provided the following update to CountryLiving.com:

"I can confirm Dog is under doctor's care and is resting comfortably. Thank you for all of your well wishes—keep 'em coming."

Few additional details have been confirmed, but it could allegedly relate to his heart, or stress and blood pressure problems.

In support of her dad, his daughter, Bonnie Chapman, posted a throwback photo of her family last night. "Love you pops," she captioned.

It’s been a tough year for the Chapmans. Dog’s wife, Beth Chapman, passed away in June following her years-long battle with cancer. Since then, Dog has not only been dealing with her loss, but also monitoring several internet scams that surfaced after her death.

His Colorado store was also robbed, and the culprits not only stole his merchandise, but some of Beth’s personal items, as well. Dog hasn’t ruled out the possibility that it could be an inside job, but the police have asked him to let them handle the search.

On a positive note, Dog’s Most Wanted has finally debuted, and viewers are loving having him and the Dirty Dozen back on their TVs. Though his son, Leland, was injured while on the hunt, it seems the series is an exciting project for Dog and his crew.

Wishing Dog a speedy recovery!

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