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A Dog Trainer, Entrepreneur, And Social Media Expert: Dylan Maxwell Blau Does It All

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2020 / From dog trainer to social media expert to call center trainer, Dylan Maxwell Blau has done it all and done it well. He grew up with entrepreneurship in the center of his life and childhood, so it was something that came naturally to Dylan. In addition, it pushes him to try and be the best entrepreneur and make something big.

"Inspired by my father, owner of UBU Clothing and Magsoothium, I knew that I had to make my parents proud, so I moved to the west coast to start my life as an entrepreneur. I made a name for myself by being an extremely hard worker." Recounts Dylan.

Dylan has dabbled in numerous occupations as previously mentioned, but what really took him to the next level was his ability to use social media to promote his dog training work. Dylan used various social media platforms to make sure he was always in the front of people's minds, and his hard work paid off in full!

"I was the one dog trainer who posted multiple times per day, went live, sent messages, posted in every group possible. I literally would max out the limits on Facebook and Instagram until they blocked me. I made new pages as backups so I could always be posting and learning about the platform's potential and limitations. People who know me call me Mr. Social Media. I have been obsessed with using it for my businesses as well as continually learning about it. My favorite part about entrepreneurship is consistently evolving as an innovative problem solver." Explains Dylan.

To say Dylan is Mr. Social Media is an understatement. His account has over 100,000 followers and attracts attention from people from all over the world. His success started without a single paid ad on Instagram and still, Dylan has been extremely successful in gaining followers and social media attention. He even teaches others how to do the same thing and gain more traction for their business by utilizing social media; recently venturing into the social media management and growth industry with his new company The Blau Agency.

"I grew my first Instagram to over 20K followers without paying for a single ad. Currently, I have over 100K Followers on Instagram. I mastered the Instagram algorithms for growth and help people learn how to use Instagram to step by step grow their account organically and make sales without paying for ads. I also help utilize advanced strategies to boost their online credibility too. I am finishing my 2nd EBook, Social Media Secrets to help people understand social media better, find their missed potential income and learn step by step strategies to make money with social media. What makes me different from everyone else is that I have used social media to sell over a million dollars in dog training programs and that's how I teach people my strategies based on my portfolio of successes." States Dylan.

Aside from his social media success, Dylan's business has also been booming. He has trained over 5,000 dogs and taught others his methods to help them train their dogs. His all inclusive programs for dog training have helped dog owners keep and maintain the results. Dylan published his first EBook on dog training as well, with a unique insight into the mind of the dog and their owner. He has continued to use his social media to be a voice for the importance of getting your dog trained, and helping dogs all around the world live a better quality of life!

"I have been training dogs for 13 years and have trained over 5,000 dogs. In addition, I have mentored and coached other dog trainers and helped them reach new levels of success! I wrote my first Ebook Called We Are Dog Training: The Secrets of Dog Training and have been giving this book away for free to help dog owners all over the world. My passion and love for dogs has led me to make a massive impact, more importantly it's helped others make an impact." Says Dylan.

Before the Covid crisis began, Dylan would spend his time managing his business and social media, but also going to events and conferences to better himself and learn how to be the best dog trainer or social media expert he can be. Now, in quarantine, Dylan is offering help to those who need to boost their presence on social media due to the movement to online business.

"I invest in my personal growth as much as invest in learning about business and social media. I attend events like the 10X Growth Conference. I literally have a mentor for every social media platform to continue to find new ways to invest in my brand. My passion for learning and growing inspires others to want to work with me. During the Coronavirus quarantine, I offered free social media strategy calls to business owners who were struggling to make sales during the shutdown. I can honestly say I helped generate thousands of dollars for other businesses during one of the hardest times in our history. I continue to passionately help people knowing that money is the result of doing what I love to do." Remarks Dylan.

To find out more about Dylan, you can check him out on Instagram @wearedogtraining.


Paula Henderson

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