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DOGEBOO: Bringing Boo The Dog Back To Life With Crypto

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2021 / DogeAutobot is a Singapore-based development firm started in 2020. They are known for creating trading apps. The company is expanding its business in the blockchain space, specifically in the development sector.

As per the latest trend, they are helping Doge inspired token Dogeboo to create two of the most important apps: Dogeboo trading bot and Dogebooland.

DogeBoo is a token that was created by drawing inspiration from Dogecoin. Dogeboo cryptocurrency is built on Binance Smart Chain referring to its cheap transaction cost and fast block times. The project will soon launch its two apps, the Dogebooland app and Dogeboo Trading Bot. These are the two main endeavors of this crypto ecosystem. These comply with the need for a fun interactive community space and a friction-free trading place to make a profit anytime and anywhere.


Dogeboo land is as fun as it sounds. It will involve games and the app will first be released for Android devices and then for IOS. Leveraging the potential of data in the gaming industry which currently has a revenue worth $165B Dogeboo's first project is all about games. Players will be rewarded and 12% of the profit from this will be allocated for Buy Back to increase Dogeboo's value.

Dogeboo Trading App

Dogeboo Trading Bot is an automated Crypto trading platform that contains expert traders who can give insights to earn profit. It has a smart money management system that positions a user according to their capital value. It also has an auto-withdrawal system to automatically collect the profit into a wallet. The bot is highly secured using Google Authenticator and two-factor authentication. No one can access it except the user themselves.

The creators of DogeBoo were inspired by how Dogecoin made it to the top 10 market caps even though it was made for hysterical reasons. With big personas like Elon Musk and Slim Jim, the coin is predicted to hit $0.482 by the second half of 2022 and reach the value of $1 by 2026. This is a huge achievement for a Dogecoin that was created as a joke mocking Bitcoin. DogeBoo is following the footsteps of Dogecoin aiming for similar growth and popularity with the face of Boo.

Continuing in the treads of Dogecoin, DogeBoo has come up with a brand mascot. It is Boo the dog which was titled the cutest dog in the world until its death on 18 January 2019. Boo was a pomeranian dog that was owned by Irene and its Facebook page had over 16 million followers. This token is also a sort of tribute to the memory of Boo by bringing it back to life through crypto.

The tokenomics of Dogeboo include a total supply of 100 billion tokens. 50% of the supply will be burnt in a year. Since Boo the dog died at the age of twelve, the tokens will be burnt 12 times each year and the supply will be reduced. 70% will be allocated for the marketplace, 15% for marketing, 10% for development, and 5% for volunteers.

DOGEBOO token's presale will start on July 8 at 2:00 PM UTC. You can join their Telegram and Twitter community for the latest updates on ongoing developments.

About Company

DogeAutobot is a company in Singapore that has been creating trading apps and other AI-related bots since 2020. The company is expanding its business in other sectors such as Blockchain. Dogeboo is one of the blockchain-based projects associated with DogeAutobot.

Media Contacts:

Name: Bootoshi Nakamoto
Company Name: DogeAutobot
Dogeboo Website: https://www.dogeboo.com
Email: support@dogeboo.com
Company URL: www.dogeautobot.com
Country: Singapore

SOURCE: DogeAutobot

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