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A 'Dog's Most Wanted' Co-Star Says Beth Chapman Is 'Ready To Pass'

Clark Sparky

Kaleo Padilla sent a cryptic tweet in response to a troll who was bashing the Chapmans.


Beth Chapman was put into a medically-induced coma on Saturday after choking and experiencing difficulties breathing. She has been battling stage 4 lung cancer.

Situation Worsening

Sources close to the family told The Blast on Monday that her situation is "touch and go." Now sources are telling TMZ that Chapman is not expected to recover. Her mother has reportedly flown in to Hawaii to be by Beth's side.

'Ready To Pass'

Another sign that the situation is dire came from "Dog's Most Wanted" co-star Kaleo Padilla. He works security for the Chapmans, and on Tuesday tweeted that Beth is "ready to pass."

It's unclear if that was just his uninformed opinion or if he has direct knowledge from the family.

Dog's Post

The family has continued to ask for prayers for Beth, and earlier on Tuesday, Dog Chapman tweeted a photo of his wife in the hospital.