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Dollar Bank Adopts a New Internet Domain -- dollar.bank

Dollar Bank's .BANK FAQ Web Page

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - October 05, 2015) - To better serve its customers, Dollar Bank today announced its adoption of a new domain for its Internet operations -- dollar.bank

.BANK is a new, more secure Internet domain for banks. It is an easily identifiable channel for trusted communications between banks and their customers. Since the .BANK environment is exclusive to the banking industry, it provides a level of security unmatched in traditional Internet environments such as .COM. The strict controls in place help to mitigate cyber security risk and allow Dollar Bank to better protect its Online Banking customers and any individual or business visiting our website.

"It is important to adopt .BANK for our Internet operations," said Al Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Dollar Bank. "The increased value of our new dollar.bank domain enables us to build a high-trust environment for our customers that can offer new products and services, and provide a safer barrier against cybercrime to better protect our customer's money." This will be phased in starting in mid October with an information page notifying customers of this planned enhancement. A sample of this information page is attached.

"Dollar Bank is pleased to have been an associate founder in the coalition of banks, trade associations and the American Bankers Association who partnered to establish fTLD Registry Services. This is the organization that was granted the right to operate the .bank domain for the benefit of the banking community," said Robert Oeler, Chief Executive Officer at Dollar Bank.

About Dollar Bank
Dollar Bank is the largest independent mutual bank in the nation with assets of $7.2 billion.* Today, Dollar Bank operates more than 64 locations throughout the Pittsburgh and Cleveland metropolitan areas. For 160 years, Dollar Bank has grown to become a large, full service, regional bank committed to providing the highest quality of banking services to individuals and businesses. Dollar Bank is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.dollarbank.com.

* Source: fdic.gov, mutual institutions as of 6/30/15.

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Attachment Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2015/10/1/11G063744/Dollar.Bank_Web_Page-270068088992.pdf