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Dolphins’ Kenny Stills has a rapport with Josh Rosen going back many years

Michael David Smith

Kenny Stills was a star wide receiver at Oklahoma, and Josh Rosen was a high school sophomore, the first time Rosen threw Stills a pass.

Stills and Rosen, now Dolphins teammates, are both from Southern California and found themselves working out together one summer. Stills was blown away by what Rosen could do at such a young age.

“I just remember telling the receiver coach and the quarterback coach we were with that the kid had a bright future, and I’d probably be playing with him one day,” Stills told the Sun-Sentinel.

Stills said he didn’t actually predict that they’d be NFL teammates, but now they are.

“That was a joke, but here he is,” Stills said. “It’s kinda crazy how the world works.”

In the last two years in Miami Stills has caught passes from Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, Matt Moore and Brock Osweiler. This year he may be catching passes from a quarterback he’s known longer than any of them.