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Domino’s Adds In-Vehicle Ordering for Customers

Danni Santana
Domino’s Adds In-Vehicle Ordering for Customers

In case customers need another way to order Domino’s Pizza, the chain will roll out in-car touchscreen ordering for new model vehicles that support the technology by the end of the year.

Domino’s is working with Xevo, an in-vehicle commerce platform for connected cars — featuring smart sensors and other advanced technologies — to preload software enabling customers to order pizza while in the car. The new feature will be automatically configured onto millions of cars with the Xevo platform installed, according to the companies.

In a recent market study, Xevo found that of 3,260 drivers surveyed, 71 percent said they would prefer their vehicles infotainment system to allow them to order food ahead of time for pickup. Additionally, 62 percent of respondents admitted to ordering food or drinks to go at least once a week, the technology vendor found.

“At Domino’s, we want pizza ordering to be simple and always within reach, no matter where a customer happens to be,” said Chris Roeser, director of digital experience at Domino’s, in a statement.

More Ways To Order

The move also adds to the myriad of ways consumers can place recent orders, or “easy orders,” digitally, including via social media, text, or smart home speakers, as part of the chain’s AnyWare platform.

Domino’s in-car ordering capabilities to this point have been limited to owners of Ford Motor vehicles since 2014. Using Ford’s SYNC AppLink, drivers can use voice commands and steering wheel buttons to control smartphone apps through their car.

The two companies also later tested driverless car delivery for customers in 2017. The pilot was designed to collect data on consumer reactions to walking out and retrieving their own pizzas from heated compartments. Ford aims to have its first autonomous commercial vehicle on the road by 2021.

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