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Don't Forget to Tip These Vendors at Your Wedding

SMP Contributor

On your wedding day, it's all hands on deck! From coordinators to musicians to servers, a LOT of people will be working together to make your big day everything you dreamed.

In most cases, a job well done deserves a little extra appreciation (in the form of gratuity). The last thing you'll want to do during your wedding is figure out who to tip and how much. So we created this cheat sheet to help you plan way in advance.

Before you head to the bank, read over your contracts. Some vendors – like bartenders – include gratuity in the fine print. If you're already being charged 10-15%, you don't need to double tip.onelove photographyOfficiant: You should pay the travel costs for any out-of-town officiant. A $50 gift or gift card is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. Some clergy members can't accept a direct tip. Honor them with a donation to a meaningful charity instead.

Wedding planner, coordinator, or catering manager: Whether your planner has been involved since Day 1 or only the Big Day, she has a big job making your wedding day run smoothly and stress-free. If she owns the business, you're not required to tip. If there's an assistant, consider tipping $75 - $150, depending on how involved she's been.

If you're working with a catering or banquet manager through the wedding venue, consider tipping $250-$500 for her services.

Jenny Moloney PhotographyHair and makeup artist: Tip the same as you would at the salon: 10-15%. If you're paying for your bridesmaids' services, keep this in mind while budgeting. If they're paying for their own, you might want to add it to the cost up front.

Photographer and videographer: If the photographer or videographer owns the company (which is usually the case), it's not necessary to tip. If they bring an assistant, you could tip the assistant between $50-$75.

Bartenders: Check your contract. Bartenders' gratuity is usually included in the overall catering costs. If not, consider tipping 10-15% of the pre-tax bill. (Side note: remove the tip jar! If you're planning to tip, make sure they aren't also collecting tips from your guests during the event.)

Jose Villa PhotographyCaterer and waiters: Gratuity is almost always included in the contract. If you're feeling generous, consider tipping $10-20 per person. Keep in mind, they're not depending on tips for their payment.

Delivery and rental staff: Your catering manager or wedding planner usually contracts these. Since they'll (hopefully) be all set before you arrive, talk to her about the best way to tip. A good rule of thumb is $10-20 per person.

Musicians: Sometimes this is included in the contract, so read the fine print. For the ceremony, tip between $25-50. For a longer reception, tip $50-100. Don't forget the sound technician!

Mint PhotographyChauffeur: Whether it's a party bus or a horse-drawn carriage, tip your driver 15% of the pre-tax charge.

Restroom or coat check attendants: If you're planning to have a coat check or restroom attendants, plan to tip $1-2 per guest. Place a sign near the coat check to let guests know gratuity has been covered.

Security: Whether you're working through the venue or hiring off-duty police, you should tip the people keeping you and your guests safe. A good rule of thumb is 10% of the pre-tax charge or $50 for the night.

Florist, baker, calligrapher: Odds are these vendors are business owners, so they're not expecting a tip. If you feel they went above and beyond to deliver your dream, you might want to send them a small tip in the mail after the event (in a thank-you note, of course)!

Show extra love to those – like the planner, band, florist, etc. – who did outstanding work by writing a glowing review online. For most vendors, your recommendation is more valuable than gold!

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