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Don Vebole: The New French King of Green Gold in California

Vebole Family Invest Announces Forever Wellness, a New Cannabis Subsidiary

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Vebole Family Invest announced today the launch of Forever Wellness, a subsidiary specialized in cannabis in California. Dedicated to offering high-profitability projects in several sectors, Vebole Family Invest's newest subsidiary touts high and fast development potential on all current and upcoming markets where cannabis is legal.

Founded by Don Vebole, head of the Vebole Family, the investment company caters specifically to celebrities, top athletes, and other affluent individuals seeking to grow their wealth while serving fair economic and social causes. Vebole Family Invest plans to raise 150 million euros between 2018 and 2021 to finance its subsidiaries.

As with all of Vebole Family Invest subsidiaries, Forever Wellness will donate 5 to 10 percent of its profit to the California's Taurus World Angels Foundation and its movement "One Sign-One Life" label. Additionally, Forever Wellness will employ only students trained at the Vebole Family Campus.

"With Vebole Family Invest, I can offer to our celebrities and investors a large group of prestigious products and services through highly specialized subsidiaries," says Don Vebole. "My ultimate goal is not to only offer high profitability, but also fair jobs for life: each subsidiary will be composed of employees trained at the Vebole Family Campus."

In addition to the growing cannabis sector, Vebole Family Invest already offers subsidiaries in various other high-profit markets, including cosmetics, custom luxury cars, biofuel, and fashion.

Contact: contact@vebole-invest.com

For more information, please visit http://www.famille-vebole.com/en/vebole-family-invest


About Vebole Family Invest

The Vebole Family organization started in 1940 in the French Caribbean island Martinique. It became an official association in 2017 at the instigation of Jérôme Vebole, known as Don Vebole. The operating model and the rules, originally transmitted orally are now written and known as The Code, available through a book edited by the organization. The goal is to unify each and everyone's skills and wealth to preserve and to develop the family. The system is based on strong values: honor, loyalty, benevolence and unstinting support. The Vebole Family association offers an alternative system to support its members, composed in part by the unheard: ex-inmates, youth at risk, job seekers, retired servicemen, and anyone wishing for a new start, a new life.


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