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How Donald Glover's son plays with his 'Star Wars' action figure will make you laugh

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Donald Glover revealed that having an action figure of yourself can be a little weird. The stars of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich, visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared their reaction to having action figures of their Star Wars characters. Glover said that an action figure of, his character, Lando Calrissian was his first toy.

“It’s super weird for me because I gave it to my son,” added Glover.

His son plays with the figure and when asked who it is, he responds, “Oh, this is Daddy.”

Glover said it’s a little strange to see “Daddy’s riding a horse full of Play-Doh.”

The actor said that seeing his son come full circle on Star Wars is beautiful.

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