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Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders get some good news from early reported exit polls in New Hampshire, but people are still voting

Colin Campbell
Managing Editor
donald trump

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Donald Trump.

The exit polls for Tuesday's Republican and Democratic presidential primaries reportedly have good news for businessman Donald Trump and US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), respectively.

It should be noted that exit polls are not necessarily reliable, and voters are still lined up and have yet to vote at some polling precincts in New Hampshire.

Indeed, in last week's Iowa caucuses, the state's entrance polls incorrectly signaled a Trump win.

But some numbers provided to Business Insider could shed some light on where people who already voted stood on the race.


  • Donald Trump — 32%
  • John Kasich — 16%
  • Ted Cruz — 14%
  • Marco Rubio — 12%
  • Jeb Bush — 10%
  • Chris Christie — 9%


  • Bernie Sanders — 58%
  • Hillary Clinton — 42%

Those numbers were mirrored by those tweeted out by The Huffington Post's Washington Bureau chief, Ryan Grim.

Additionally, the election-monitoring website Decision Desk HQ released similar exit-poll results based on so-called bellwether precincts that have historically lined up with the state's overall results:

Henry Blodget contributed reporting.

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