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Donald Trump fan has 13 surgical procedures to look like Ivanka Trump

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Hopeful Botched patient Tiffany Taylor is a huge fan of Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump. In fact, she loves them so much, she has had 13 plastic surgery procedures to look like Ivanka’s “twin sister,” Tiffany Trump.

Perhaps Taylor was unaware that Ivanka already has a sister named Tiffany Trump. Regardless, the Houston woman is determined to make her face great again through plastic surgery.

Taylor said she decided she wanted to look like Ivanka shortly after ending a 10-year relationship. She said that in less than a year, she has had 13 procedures, and was fully anesthetized for three of them.

The work she had done to look more Ivanka-like was grafting of her cheeks, liposuction on her jaw, stomach, butt and arms, breast implants, eyelid lifts — top and bottom — and, of course, a nose job.

Taylor was hoping the doctors could give her a more Trump-like nose. But the surgeons were concerned that Taylor had not given her previous procedures time to heal. Dr Terry Dubrow said, “If you have more plastic surgery, the chances that you run into a significant complication are ‘yuuuuge.'”

Taylor was disappointed, and said, “I’m just looking to be greater, of course. Isn’t everybody?”

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