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Donald Trump finds call to shoot immigrants at the border funny

Donald Trump appeared to find a supporter's suggestion that immigrants be shot at the border funny

Donald Trump appeared to condone a supporter’s suggestions that immigrants should be shot at the border during a rally in Florida.

The US President was discussing immigration and his proposed wall during a speech in Panama City Beach.

He told the crowd: “You have hundreds and hundreds of [immigrants] and you have two or three border security people that are brave and great.

“And don’t forget, we don’t let them - and we can’t let them - use weapons. We can’t. Other countries do. We can’t, I would never do that. But how do you stop these people?”

His question was answered by someone in the crowd who shouted: “Shoot them.”

The comment prompted laughter from people around the heckler as well as from the President, who answered wryly: “That’s only in the panhandle can you get away with that statement. Only in the panhandle.”

The incident came as Madonna has hit out at Mr Trump for failing to act on gun violence, saying he is too "focused on his damn wall in Mexico".


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In an interview with British Vogue, the pop star criticised "the fixation that our country is so endangered by Central America.

"Why aren't we focused on gun control? That's the real danger," she said.

"That's a way bigger problem than people crossing the border.”

She added: "I can't believe he is so focused on his damn wall in Mexico."