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Donald Trump Jr. Sent Some Suggestive Twitter Messages to a Model While Married

Amanda Arnold

First Boy Donald Trump Jr. may have been flirting with more than a life-size chocolate Easter bunny and the idea of becoming a rap critic before he and his wife filed for divorce. Amid revelations of the couple’s confirmed split this week, a former model tweeted screenshots of racy, misspelled messages Trump Jr. sent her while he was married.

Friday afternoon, model Melissa Stetten posted a flirty Twitter DM from Trump Jr., dating back to November 2011 — just one month after his soon-to-be ex, Vanessa, gave birth to the couple’s son Tristan.

“Surprised his marriage didn’t work out since he was sending me DMs a month after his wife gave birth. (I tweeted a joke about pulling a muscle changing a tampon and he replied asking if I smelled bacon? Cool joke),” Stetten tweeted.

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