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Donald Trump Names RNC Rep Sean Spicer His White House Press Secretary

As expected, Donald Trump’s administration has named Sean Spicer as White House press secretary. Spicer, the Republican National Committee’s spokesman, has been serving as the Trump transition team’s senior communications adviser.

The announcement comes just a few hours after the administration named Trump’s third campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, as Counselor to the President.

Late last week, Spicer insisted, at a bar-in-the-back event in Washington, that Trump will not continue his campaign practice of banning individual news outlets once he’s in the White House.

“We have a respect for the press when it comes to the government. That is something that you can’t ban an entity from,” he said. “That’s what makes a democracy a democracy, versus a dictatorship,” Spicer insisted.

He did not mention whether, as president, Trump planned to continue his tradition of calling out reporters covering his speeches as “scum,” and “slime,” etc.

A few days earlier, Spicer’s former boss, RNC chief/incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, said the Trump administration might ixnay the White House’s daily press briefing – or at least reconsider the seating arrangement.

At last Friday’s BITB event, hosted by Politico, Spicer blasted political journalists for their race to be first to post headlines and provocative remarks. This “tweet happy” click bait is mostly “devoid of facts,” Spicer complained. During the Q&A, Spicer declined to confirm rampant speculation he was in line to serve as the incoming press secretary, insisting Trump had not yet made up his mind.

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