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Donald Trump sees 'huge opportunity' for trade deal with Brexit Britain

Bonnie Christian

US President Donald Trump sees "huge opportunity" for a trade deal if the Brexit impasse is solved, according to his national security adviser

John Bolton told Sky News that America is “ready to go” on a trade deal with “a newly independent Britain.”

"Trade minister Liam Fox would be welcome here; any member of the government would be welcome here, we can do these deals quickly. We are ready to go. We want to partner with a newly independent Britain,” he said.

"The president has been clear he wants a resolution to this issue that allows the United States and Britain to come to trade deals again.”

His remarks come as Prime Minister Theresa May, who earlier admitted that the UK is in crisis after her deal was voted down by MPs for a second time, prepares to send a letter to the UK asking for a delay to Brexit.

Mr Trump sees

The European Union has said that Britain will need to propose "something new" and "concrete" to justify a long Brexit delay.

Before he joined the Trump administration, Mr Bolton expressed his support for Brexit.

On Tuesday, he accused UK politicians of failing to implement the result of the 2016 referendum.

"The people of Britain have voted. When is the political class going to give effect to that vote?" Mr Bolton said.

National Security Advisor John Bolton. (AFP/Getty Images)

"[Mr Trump] sees huge opportunity if Britain's status can be resolved, and I think the point he has made that I would stress is, people of Britain have voted. Where is the political class going to give effect to that vote?"

Mr Trump recently weighed in on Brexit and trade deals that could follow, saying he thinks a second referendum would be “unfair."

During a meeting with Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar he said is “surprised at how badly” the UK’s negotiations with the European Union have been handled.

"It's a very complex thing right now, it's tearing a country apart, it's actually tearing a lot of countries apart and it's a shame it has to be that way but I think we will stay right in our lane," Mr Trump said.

The same day he tweeted: “My Administration looks forward to negotiating a large scale Trade Deal with the United Kingdom. The potential is unlimited!”

After it leaves the EU, Britain will head to the negotiating table to broker its own commerce pacts with other countries, including the US, for the first time in decades.

Mr Fox said he looked forward to sitting down at the negotiating table to strengthen the trading relationship with the US.

"Greater trade between us reinforces a comprehensive alliance that goes far beyond the economic, providing for our national security and bringing prosperity to our people," Mr Fox said in response to Mr Trump's tweet.