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What everyone is forgetting about in Google's $2.1 billion deal for Fitbit

Brian Sozzi
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    If you try to take away someone's privacy they'll fight tooth and nail, sell them a shiny doodad that takes it away and they can't get to the store fast enough. These humans are a strange life form.
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    Slug II
    They want MORE of your data. Knowing your browsing history, spending habits, and location isn't enough -- now Google will know your heart and respiratory rates each time you walk by an ad or display ....
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    Google will have your heartrate, fingerprints and DNA on file to use however it wants
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    No chance regulators will approve Google malware on wrist. Too intrusive and it violates privacy big time.
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    Misspelled headline... hire spellcheckers?
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    Ted S
    It couldn't have been that the Fitbit watches didn't work very well? My wife had hers replaced 5 times, finally gave up. I had one, the bands wear out and they won't stay clipped in and fell off somewhere. 2nd one did the same thing, in just 60 days, but I found that one in my yard. All it does is record heart beat, nothing else works. The company was worth.. nothing.
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    Not holding my breath for fast & amazing changes to fitbit's hardware or software.

    Google tried to mimic Apple's success by vertical integration of hardware and software for last few yrs with the Nexus line of phone and tablet (tho they can't truly since they still have Taiwan's HTC make the hardware, but Google kept true control over software unlike other android phones such as those made by Samsung that modified Android). I've had my fair share exp of using Nexus phones including STILL now using nexus5, bot /used a new pixel 3XL last yr (not impressed, laggy camera that was panned in reviews too), used OnePlus phones, altho fast not really a game changer. Last year Google gave up on selling tablets under their own brand to focus on chromebooks only.

    Google will pump more money and effort into wearable cos they see Apple making so much money/selling so many, but i wonder how much market share they will gain or steal from apple. Google's real opportunity is to sell to those using and loving android phones since those people can't really make use of an Apple Watch (which still requires an iPhone to set up and do much with)

    So the real risk is not to apple from Google buying Fitbit, but to other android phone makers also making wearables - Samsung watch, xaomi huawei watches etc.
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    Huddy's Revenge
    I will never, ever buy hardware from Google.
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    What you or anyone else paid for a stock, or any other item, is nothing more than a data point and has no bearing on the value of the asset right now. Likewise, for someone to have suffered the loss you describe, they would have to have bought at the high and still be a holder. Further still, some sharholders bought at that $3 level and have found this to be a good (speculative) investment. Yes, the market cap of the company has declined but not everyone suffered equally.
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    I read the article and I don't understand why this was a good idea by Google. There was nothing but negativity and a full market in regards to Fitbit, but the info that Google can mine from it's 28 million users is gold?