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Don't Miss This Grand Opening Event of The Herbal Tea Designed for You

immersé tea releases first ever tropical herbal tea collection crafted for urban people on June 6, 2019

BANGKOK, June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tropical Green Line Co., a company specializing in modernized tropical herb-based products, is pleased to announce the online grand opening event of its herbal tea brand "immersé tea" on June 6, 2019, at www.immersetea.com.

immersé tea logo and web address, 2019 theme

immersé tea is devoted to restoring the balance of living in an urban lifestyle, by offering tropical herbal tea which is designed with style. Beside the tea itself, other sipping experiences include a tea brew assistance mobile application and a chillhop music album. The first herbal tea collection is born to cover its consumers day-to-day basis:

  • Morning Booster: Caffeine free tea which helps to refresh the consumer in the morning (Roselle and Ginger tea)
  • City Calmer: Relax after a long hectic day from work and commute (Bael Fruit tea)
  • Bedtime Story: Induce tight sleep and increase immunity (Lemongrass and Pandan tea)

Besides being constituted upon a tropical herbal tea standpoint, immersé tea also forbids all caffeine ingredients out of its product line.

For this grand opening event, immersé tea offers readers a 5% discount coupon, by entering promo code 'immersetea' in the checkout page (limited to first 1,000 orders only). Enjoy worldwide free shipping on every order over 40USD from now until July 5, 2019.

Additionally, immersé tea is also hosting a free giveaway event. Simply subscribe to mailing list, and get a chance to win the tea collection for free.

Get this offer at: http://bit.ly/immersedebut

About Tropical Green Line Co.

Founded in Bangkok, Thailand. Tropical Green Line Co. is dedicated to fulfilling the urban lifestyle with modernized tropical herbs-based products.

Certifications include USDA Organic certification, EU Organic certification, GMP-Codex Certified.

For more information, please visit www.immersetea.com. Follow immersé tea on Instagram: @immerse.tea, Twitter: @immersetea, Facebook: @immerse.teas.

Press Contacts: Michael Wen, mong@immersetea.com.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Contact Name
Michael Wen, Owner, Tropical Green Line Co.


The debut of immersé tea's first collection. On the left is Morning Booster (Roselle and Ginger tea). At the middle is City Calmer (Bael Fruit tea). And on the right is Bedtime Story (Lemongrass and Pandan tea)

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