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Double-Duty Uses: Ice Cube Trays

If you’re only using ice cube trays to freeze water, you’re missing out on some money-saving, double-duty tricks.

Freeze Leftovers

First, save your leftovers, including tomato sauce, gravy, soup broth and coffee by freezing them in cubes. The uniform size will make cooking or baking easy later on. Each cube of a standard tray holds 2 tablespoons of liquid. So two cubes equal half a cup, and four cubes is one cup.

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Get Organized

Instead of throwing out a broken ice cube tray, use it as an organizer in the junk drawer. The compartments are great for keeping thumbtacks, paper clips, keys, change and other odds and ends from getting lost.

Create a Condiment Caddy

Another great use is as a condiment caddy or sundae topping bar for your next party.

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Start a Garden

Finally, if you’ve got a green thumb, an old ice cube tray is great for starting seeds indoors before you transfer plants to the garden.

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