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DoubleBlind Magazine's First-Ever Psychedelics Billboard Campaign Is Turning New Yorkers On To Plant Medicine

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On Sunday night, at the stroke of midnight in the city that never sleeps, passersby meandering around Times Square may have seen the unveiling of the first-ever psychedelics billboard campaign in the U.S.

DoubleBlind Magazine, in partnership with Honeysuckle Magazine, Musings Magazine and Rainbo Mushrooms, will be broadcasting a campaign for one week to destigmatize plant medicines on a skyscraper-sized billboard in the most highly trafficked commercial district in the world: New York’s Times Square.

The campaign “Celebrate Plant Medicine” is intended to disrupt what DoubleBlind refers to as the "profit-driven advertising we often see in places like Times Square to fuel a conversation about healing."

Seeking Supporters

DoubleBlind, a media company and online education platform dedicated entirely to psychedelia, is at the forefront of the rapidly growing psychedelics movement.

Co-founded by Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin, DoubleBlind is urging people living in or visiting New York to stop by the billboard, take photos and videos and repost them with the hashtag #celebrateplantmedicine.

Location Of The Billboard

The campaign ad will be running on the Bird billboard at 719 7th Ave., NY, NY. (at 7th Ave. and 48th St.) from midnight on Sept. 26 to midnight on Oct. 3.

Even if you're not in New York taking selfies in front of this colorful billboard, DoubleBlind is asking people around the nation to share their stories about how psychedelics have changed their lives, as a way of amplifying the message and the many benefits of this plant medicine.

"We’re at a critical moment in psychedelic history. More and more people are becoming interested in psychedelics and, yet, it’s important that the movement grows intentionally and with care," DoubleBlind told Benzinga in an email. "Together, we can use our stories of transformation to help that happen."

In addition to personal stories, numerous clinical trials involving psychedelics are going on at the moment, involving public as well as private companies which are looking at plant medicine as a treatment for conditions from alcohol use disorder, major depressive disorder, to PTSD and more. There are currently over 25 public psychedelics-oriented companies, including six that list their stock in the Nasdaq.

Psilocybin Alpha has built the Psychedelics Drug Development Tracker, an interactive list of clinical trials, preclinical and discovery work being done in the space.

Meanwhile, DoubleBlind is getting the word out in the Big Apple and beyond.

Photo by David Good for DoubleBlind.

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