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DoublePro: A New Age in Gutter Guards

LÉVIS, Quebec, Sept. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alu-Rex announces the launch of its all-new DoublePro™ microfiltration continuous hanger with a dual layer of perforated aluminum designed to significantly reduce gutter maintenance. Homeowners struggling with the constant buildup of leaves, maple keys, pine and spruce needles, and other natural debris will heave a sigh of relief.

What makes DoublePro special is the combination of a micro-perforated top membrane and another membrane with bigger holes underneath, giving the impression that of a fully enclosed gutter. “It’s all been calculated and tested,” said Alu-Rex cofounder Stéphane Brochu, the inventor of the DoublePro. “The size of the perforations, the degree of offset, the space between the two layers, and the embossing are specially designed to keep out debris that can block the gutter and let through sap and other sticky substances that plug up ordinary needle guards. A number of products currently in development will also use this patent-pending, breakthrough Eclipse™ technology.

The combination of two perforated surfaces maintains the same drainage capacity as Alu-Rex’s single-layer products. The secret? In fact there’s nothing mysterious about it. The design relies on surface tension, the phenomenon that causes water to adhere to any surface it’s in contact with. DoublePro’s Vortex™ technology uses that surface tension to create a suction effect between the first and second layers of aluminum so it can absorb just as much water as a single membrane.

DoublePro is more than just a gutter guard though, it also functions as a continuous hanger that attaches your gutter to the house. “Traditionally you’d have a support every twenty-four inches,” said Brochu. “Now homeowners have a system that’s protected from end to end, which means they won’t need to replace the gutter prematurely because of ice deformation or because the sealant on joints and corners is breaking down.” It was Alu-Rex that launched the world’s first continuous hanger—known as T-Rex®.

DoublePro is the brainchild of the experts at Alu-Rex, a Lévis-based company known for its innovative line of patented products to facilitate exterior home maintenance, including the T-Rex continuous hanger and the Gutter Clean System® leaf guard, both sold throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.                                                          

SOURCE: Alu-Rex | www.alu-rex.com

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  • Two layers of aluminum: a black top layer and a bottom layer in natural aluminum
  • The first gutter guard based on the synergies of two superimposed aluminum membranes
  • Keeps leaves, needles, pollen, and other debris out of the gutter while allowing rainwater and viscous substances through
  • Designed and made in Canada
  • Installed by rain gutter experts
  • 360o lifetime warranty on materials, durability, and against clogging from debris as fine as pine needles



  • New K style 5" gutters: now available across Canada from rain gutter installers
  • Other gutter types and sizes: see www.alu-rex.com for more information


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