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Dow Manages Slight Gain Despite Anxious Market

Jim Giaquinto

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The market remains concerned about slowing economic growth and the inverted yield curve, but fortunately there wasn’t much of a follow through from Friday’s sharp selloff. In fact, the Dow closed in the green.

The index inched forward today by 0.06% (or about 14 points) to 25,516.83. It slipped from a high of more than 100 points in the session, but at least it managed to reverse course after plunging 460 points on Friday.

The other major indices came pretty close to joining the Dow on the plus side, yet they had to settle with slight losses. The NASDAQ dipped 0.07% to 7637.54. The S&P finally surrendered the 2800 mark by less than 2 points. It was off 0.08% to 2798.36.

It was a pretty eventful day in the market even if stocks didn't move very much. Apple came out with a suite of new services, including the Apple TV+ streaming platform and a credit card aptly dubbed the Apple Card.

However, the established streaming companies didn’t seem too intimidated. While Apple was down 1.2% on Monday, shares of Netflix were up 1.45% and shares of Roku advanced 4.7%. We still don’t know the cost of Apple TV+, though it is scheduled for release in the fall and has some impressive celebrities all set to make content (including Steven Spielberg and Oprah).

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation is finally over… with no indictments for President Trump, his staff or his family for colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election. Regardless of which way you lean politically, it’s a good thing for the market that this is behind us. Stocks have held up relatively well to all the craziness in Washington, but impeachment proceedings would probably be a different thing altogether.

And you didn’t think we’d get through a whole summary without mentioning trade, did you? Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will be headed back to China later this week for another round of talks. Meanwhile, Vice Premier Liu He will make his way to Washington in the following week. So we can expect more headlines in the coming days... but probably not much real progress.

We're really waiting for the meeting  between President Trump and China President Xi, which would hopefully signal that the two sides are ready to make a deal.

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