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Dow has Third Straight Triple-Digit Gain

Jim Giaquinto

Despite skepticism from the market, the little-rally-that-could continued for a third straight session Thursday on the possibility that those Mexican tariffs could be delayed.

We’re hearing good things coming from the U.S./Mexico meetings over the past couple of days. But the market really moved on a Bloomberg News report that the 5% tariffs on our southern neighbor threatened by President Trump could be delayed to provide more time to reach a deal. 

Otherwise, the tariffs would go into effect on Monday. 

So, what would stocks like more: a rate cut or lower tariffs? For today at least, it looked like we could get both in the coming weeks! As a result, the rally had plenty of fuel to keep going. 

Make it three straight sessions with triple digit gains for the Dow, which has a pretty good chance to finally end its six-week losing streak. It jumped 0.71% (or about 181 points) to 25,720.66. 

The index has soared approximately 900 points so far this week, thanks in large part to the 500-point surge on Tuesday. 

The S&P increased 0.61% to 2843.49, while the NASDAQ continued its bounce back from Monday’s ‘tech wreck’ with an advance of 0.53% (or about 40 points) to 7615.55.  

These two indices are also in a good spot to break out of their own four-week losing skids. 

The stage was set for an oversold bounce on Tuesday when the Fed said it would do what’s “appropriate” to keep this expansion going. The market took that as a sign that rate cuts are coming.

You can understand why many investors and several of our editors are finding it difficult to trust this rally. Despite the upward sentiment… nothing has really happened yet. We don’t have a rate cut, nor do we have any real progress on either of the trade fronts.

In fact, after the bell today, the White House announced that the tariffs on Mexico are still scheduled for next week at this time. 

But there will be one bit of real news released tomorrow that could have a say in how this week ends, and that’s the all-important Government Employment Situation report. Last time, the economy crushed expectations by adding 263,000 jobs. 

The market will be paying close attention to the number for any signs of a slowing economy from what has been an exceptionally strong area for years now.  

A jobs report, trade negotiations AND a three-day market rally are all on deck for Friday. It's going to be an interesting session. Let’s hope its a profitable one as well… 

Today's Portfolio Highlights:

Home Run Investor: The portfolio is serious about getting back up to 11 or 12 names, and this week’s market bounce provided a great opportunity to make some headway. On Thursday, Brian Bolan made his third buy of the week by picking up Adtran (ADTN). This Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) global provider of networking & communications equipment has beaten earnings estimates in three of the past four quarters with an average surprise of 114%, while earnings estimates for this year have more than doubled in the past two months. The editor also likes ADTN given the good earnings from Ciena and the Huawei “debacle”.

Meanwhile, Brian felt that he needed to sell a couple names as well, including Fly Leasing Ltd. (FLY) to secure a gain of 11.1% in a little over two months. The portfolio still only has 9 positions, so Brian may add yet again tomorrow if the market remains solid. Read the full write-up for more on all of today’s moves.

Value Investor: Handbags retailer Coach has enjoyed quite a successful turnaround in recent years, which has been great news for Tapestry (TPR). The company has a couple other brands, though, that aren’t doing quite as well. However, it now has a roadmap on how to recover, but it will take a while to come to fruition. Tracey is willing to be patient with TPR as it attempts to revive its Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman brands. While she waits, it’s comforting to know that the stock pays an impressive dividend that yields 4.7% and recently announced a $1 billion share buyback program. Shares of TPR are pretty cheap after dropping more than 36% in the past year and over 13% year to date. Earnings are expected to dip 2% this year, but jump 10% next fiscal year. Read the complete commentary for a lot more on this new addition.

Technology Innovators: Sticking with his plan to add strong stocks instead of beaten-down ones, Brian Bolan picked up Cardlytics (CDLX). This Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) is a developer of a purchase intelligence platform. The company beat earnings estimates by nearly 38% in its most recent report and amassed an average surprise of more than 44% in the past four quarters. As strong stocks have been doing of late, shares of CDLX were resilient in the face of all this turbulence. The editor thinks this stock will test its 52-week highs in the coming days, so he added it on Thursday before the runup. Read the complete commentary for more.

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Jim Giaquinto

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