U.S. Markets close in 37 mins

Dow on track for another major milestone

The Dow is on the brink of a milestone. It is just shy of opening up above 23,000. This is happening on the eve of the anniversary of the worst stock market crash in U.S. history. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Jared Blikre, Jen Rogers, Ethan Wolff-Mann and Sam Stovall of CFRA discuss the big stories of the day.

Today’s topics:

  • Dow flirting with 23,000 at the open
  • Eve of ‘Black Monday’ 1987 stock market crash
  • IBM soars despite posting 22nd consecutive decline
  • B. Riley lowers theater earnings on revenue & digital concerns
  • Amazon studios’ Price resigns after sexual harassment allegations
  • SEC sues Rio Tinto for fraud
  • Two senators reach deal on health care subsidies
  • JPMorgan acquires online payment service WePay
  • Venmo can be used wherever PayPal is accepted
  • Companies having tough time bringing VR to masses
  • Millennials more open to talking salary than older generations

What’s your stance on talking to people about salary?
– Knowledge is power
– Ok, on need-to-know basis
– Causes drama