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Now You Can Play Classic 'Minesweeper' On Your Smartphone

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Throwback alert!

Minesweeper, your old favorite way to waste time on Windows 3.1, is available for your phone. Relive the palpable fear of 16-bit land mines all over again in this classic puzzle game (and for free, by the way.)

This Android app is a spitting image of the 90s desktop PC version, but adds an online leaderboard and achievement tracking through Google Play Games and Google+. And, the new “Noob” mode, added to the familiar set of Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and Custom, makes things pretty simple in case you are in need of some simple practice.

You know, because you haven’t played in about 15 years.

The version made for iPhone has the same classic look, but gives options for seven other game appearances, too. The app will auto-save your game in case you get an important call or text, and you can also share your high scores in Apple’s Game Center. 

Download Minesweeper from the from the Google Play store or iTunes now.