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You can download the new iPhone's wallpapers onto your phone right now

Christian de Looper
iPhone 8 dummy model running iOS 11

Le Pich/Instagram

We’re mere hours away from finally being introduced to the latest and greatest set of iPhones, including what is rumored to be called the iPhone X. On top of that, we’ll get Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 11, which was first introduced to audiences at WWDC in June. Thanks to a leak picked up by 9to6Mac, iOS 11 has leaked to the public, giving us a look at some pretty neat wallpapers to show up in the software.

That leak has made it possible for iPhone users to download and use some of those wallpapers right now. There are a total of 16 wallpapers, with three more being exclusive to the iPhone X, and they show an interesting shift for Apple’s design trends. Instead of getting images of the cascading landscapes of California, Apple seems to be taking things in a decidedly more retro direction. Some of the wallpapers feature flowers with nice, transitioning colors behind them. Others feature a simple black background with a rainbow of stripes cutting across the screen. Still more feature the Earth at night and during the day, with one of the moon.

One thing is for sure: The wallpapers are designed to show off the capabilities of the iPhone X’s rumored OLED display. OLED displays can typically show much deeper blacks and more vivid colors than LCD displays, which have been used on every iPhone model so far. The reason blacks are so much deeper on OLED displays is the fact that OLED displays can backlight individual pixels — so instead of lighting the whole display, it can not light certain pixels. That also results in less of a draw on battery life, considering less light is required.

Of course, new wallpapers aren’t the only thing we can expect from the Apple event on Tuesday. We’ll see new iPhone hardware, but we’ll also likely see a new Apple Watch, and we even see Apple’s entrance into the world of augmented reality.

Check out the full high-res wallpapers for the new set of iPhones below, and feel free to download them for yourself so you can pretend you have the high-priced iPhone X.

ios 11 wallpapers aura black granite
ios 11 wallpapers aura gold granite
ios 11 wallpapers aura silver granite